\"BACON PRODUCT\" company was founded in 1995, and is engaged in manufacturing meat products and convenience food. Starting the activity in a small manufactory, the company expanded within the course of time and currently operates in a building, built in 2006 with modern, international standards based on a project that was developed by prominent Austrian specialists.



\"\"COMPANY\'s PRESENTATION. English version   



\"\"COMPANY\'s PRESENTATION. Armenian version


Our mission is to

  • ensure healthy and safe food for consumers
  • work to improve production quality
  • unite the best specialists
  • be innovative and achieve the highest standards with an aim to contribute to the development of Armenian meat products market
  • be responsible towards all strata of society recognizing the importance of production for the whole society

\"BACON PRODUCT\" is a company producing quality meat products and implementing manufacturing with high-quality European equipment. The whole production process is controlled by computer programming which brings the impact of human factor to the minimum.


In 2010 Bacon Product company signed a strategic partnership agreement with the Russian Meat Union. Afterwards, with the direct involvement of the union specialists the company embarked on producing meat products of “Doctor” trademark. In Armenian market “Doctor” is exclusive, it is made of local fat free meat as a result of which the product fattiness does not exceed 5.6 percent.

Press about usAchievements

During 18 years of activity \"BACON PRODUCT\" has won numerous prizes and awards.