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Customer service department and excursions in the meat products manufacturing enterprise. Bacon Product sums up results of the passing year
Customer service department and excursions in the meat products manufacturing enterprise. Bacon Product sums up results of the passing year


\"BACON PRODUCT\", a leader in meat products manufacturing industry, summarizes the results of the activity in the passing year recording a number of achievements. During 2012 the company came up with several innovations including excursions for customers, production of children’s line, special department of customer service, etc. This is stated in the press release issued by the company. The press release says. “The company, which has been operating since 1995, started its activity in difficult times, in a small manufactory which has now expanded and turned into a large manufacturing enterprise. The company is constantly focusing both on the high-quality of products, modern technologies that are invested, as well as on improvement of staff professionalism.

The company actively cooperates with the Russian Meat Union and implements the production of “Doctor” trademark together with the union specialists. “Doctor” is distinguished for its special qualitative features and 5-6 times lower fattiness. This year the brand has also been complemented with children’s line of meat products which are made based on a special recipe tailored to children’s nutrition and contain olive oil and yogurt. Since June of the passing year the company undertook the organization of periodic excursions in its manufacturing enterprise, thus becoming the first meat product manufacturing company in Armenia that each week opens the doors of its manufactory to consumers. Within the past months “Bacon Product” manufactory was already attended by 800 customers. The company stays consistent with high-quality raw materials used in production, hermetic packaging and the labeling of real-time dates. Following these three slogans, the campaign undertaken by the company aims at drawing the attention of the consumer to the three components that are primary in manufacturing meat products. A consumer should be consistent and should require quality product from the manufacturer, and this concerns not only meat product industry, but all food products in general. In “Bacon Product” company both raw materials as well as finished products undergo laboratory tests. Recently the company got a certificate also by the laboratory of “Standard Dialog” LLC. This year in November the company brought another innovation into public attention establishing a special customer service department. From now on, by calling 0 8000 10 80 customers can get answers to all their questions about the composition labeled on the product, dates, packaging, product availability in stores and any other inquiries. Dialing this number customers can also register and take part in tours that will periodically be organized next year as well.

The organization of excursions and the creation of special customer service department complement company’s transparent and consumer oriented practice.

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