\"BACON PRODUCT\" company was founded in 1995, and is engaged in manufacturing meat products and convenience food. Starting the activity in a small manufactory, the company expanded within the course of time and currently operates in a building, built in 2006 with modern, international standards based on a project that was developed by prominent Austrian specialists. The industrial building is equipped with the newest conveyors and individual water treatment system from Schaller company, highly-qualified professionals periodically gaining overseas qualifications are involved in the company activity.\"BACON PRODUCT\" company is an absolute leader in Armenian market for the production of smoked sausages. The company is among the top three by the overall manufacturing of meat products. The company is the first in Armenia to organize excursions in its manufacturing enterprise. Since 2012 each week consumers have an opportunity to visit the manufactory and get acquainted with the whole process of meat products manufacturing. Starting from November 2012 the company has come up with another innovation - a special department for customer service was established. By calling 0 8000 10 80 customers can get answers to all their questions about the composition labeled on the product, dates, packaging, product availability in stores and any other inquiries. Dialing this number customers can also register and take part in tours. Stepping in hand with innovations and improvement, in February 2013\"BACON PRODUCT\" company introduced the latest generation collective water treatment system. The system of European origin developed by a Belgian project makes it possible to filter and remove chlorine from the water that is used in the production. Among company priorities is also export and country coverage expansion. Currently \"BACON PRODUCT\" company exports its products to Georgia.