\"BACON PRODUCT\" is a company producing quality meat products and implementing manufacturing with high-quality European equipment. The whole production process is controlled by computer programming which brings the impact of human factor to the minimum. Major fields of production are sausages, small sausages and convenience food.

Along with traditional meat products manufacturing, \"BACON PRODUCT\" also produces specific types of Italian and Spanish sausages. The top priority for \"BACON PRODUCT\" company is consumer’s health and safety:






High-quality raw materials

High-quality raw materials of local production as well as those imported from abroad and previously undergone serious examination are used in the production.


Real-time dates

The company takes into account all the criteria for labeling. At the same time the company calls its consumers to follow the labeling of dates and composition, in this way keeping consumers watchful as well.


Hermetic packaging

Hermetic packaging allows to maintain the high-quality, purity, freshness and safety of the product keeping from various bacteria penetration and development.